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The development of Medical Sciences has been greatly boosted in the last decades by the acquisitions coming from Biochemistry - which unquestionably remains an important pillar. Progressively, however, another scientific branch is emerging in all its importance in the Health Sciences, namely Quantum Physics, so as to generate a quantum physics and health sciences, which certainly do not stand in an alternative sense but are fundamentally and essentially complementary. In so doing, they are able to offer new and sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic "Bioresonance" instruments to medical practice, capable of allowing targeted, ‘precision’ interventions on individual patients, evaluating the electromagnetic status that affects communication between cells, tissues and organs, which can be compromised in various pathologies.

It is no coincidence that the European Community allocated an investment of around one billion euros on new quantum technologies.


This Master deals with topics related to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Quantum Physics and Health Sciences, Food Science and Bioresonance.


The Master is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals whose objectives are aimed at acquiring complete technical knowledge and skills, such as to be able to provide adequate support to doctors in an operational context that is likely to grow constantly.

In the absence of their adequate training, the search path and the critical evaluation process would become highly problematic, thus leading to the offer of non-validated health services as the only possible option.

Admission requirements

To register for the Online Master in Bioresonance: Application Methods, candidates must have:
• Laurea and Laurea Magistrale according to Italian Ministerial Decree no. 270/2004;
• Laurea and Laurea Specialistica according to Italian Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999;
• Laurea earned according to previously effective systems;
• Degree earned abroad that is considered equivalent to current regulations.


Registration in the Master’s Program is not compatible with other registrations for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialization Schools, or Doctorate programs.
Students who do not meet the above mentioned admission requirements may also attend the Master as auditors.


Duration and areas of education

The Master has a total duration of 1500 hours and is structured by number of hours devoted to teaching and by in-depth training activities, in order to guarantee the acquisition of 60 University Credits / ECTS.

• Molecular biology – Biochemistry
• Physiology – Physiopathology
• The unknown facets of water
• Basic clinical biochemistry
• Quantitative Physics and Health Science
• Theory of the interactive effect of biological and cosmic
• Nutritional Science, bioresonance.
Analysis and integration
• Bioresonance

The lessons of the master´s course in Bioresonance: Applied Methodologies will be delivered in e-learning mode; students will be provided with handouts, bibliography and multiple-choice self-assessment questionnaires.

At the end of each course, students will have to take online exams before proceeding to the next course. University credits (CFU) and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are acquired by passing the final exam, which verifies the skills acquired during the lessons, and by writing and discussing a dissertation.

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    Let's get to know the professors

    Professors have the task of monitoring the training course with ongoing on-line tests. In particular, written tests will be carried out: they can be structured as term papers or tests with open-ended, closed-ended or synthetic open questions. These tests are evaluated with a mark expressed out of thirty. This evaluation system constitutes a means of verifying and measuring knowledge for the teacher and self-evaluation for the student.

    Teaching takes into account the need not only to develop knowledge but also to use professional tools and behaviors, with the following characteristics:

    • project activities carried out in the field and aimed at verifying the ability to apply methodologies and techniques in real situations;
    • testimonials and case studies.

    Teaching modules of the Master

    High-level universities and online schools support us during the Master in Bioresonance in order to ensure the achievement of educational perfection.

    Maximum didactic organization is guaranteed for your own professional project with highly qualified Professors.

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