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The only international Master that certifies your skills to work with applied techniques of Bioresonance.


The proper practice of medicine is based on the demonstration of the effectiveness and tolerability of interventions - diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative - through proof of efficacy obtained by experimental method.

The development of medical sciences has been greatly boosted in recent decades by acquisitions from Biochemistry - which remains unquestionably a pillar, but which is not currently proposed as a complementary practice, also through Bioresonance instruments.


The Master is aimed only at healthcare professionals whose objectives are to acquire comprehensive knowledge and technical skills, such as to be able to provide adequate support to doctors in an operational context that is likely to grow constantly.

In the absence of adequate training of the same, the path of research and critical evaluation would become very problematic and the offer of non-validated health services, the only possible option.


Access to the Master is only open to those in possession of degree in the health professions.
Attendance at the Master as auditors is also open to those who do not have a university degree.

The only international Master's degree that certifies to work with Bioresonance application techniques.

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    Teaching modules of the Master

    • Mdl. 1: Molecular Biology - Biochemistry

    • Mdl. 2: Physiology - Pathophysiology

    • Mdl. 3: Water, the unknown

    • Mdl. 4: Basics of clinical biochemistry

    • Mdl. 5: Quantum physics and health sciences

    • Mdl. 6: Theory of the interactive effect of biological and cosmic fields

    • Mdl. 7: Food sciences, bioresonance. Analysis and integration

    • Mdl. 8: Bioresonance

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